The Departed (2006) by Martin Scorsese

I Guess this is Goodbye

It’s been a week, and Kurt is still shaken.

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A New Experiment


No one had remembered to check the mail after the hectic return to the bases. A letter grows increasingly dusty in the dim, dented box.

“Letter for ya, Bauer,” the Sniper calls into the Medbay some days later.

The ink has already started to fade, but the Medic recognizes the familiar handwriting.


I hope this letter finds you well. Things are hectic here, we took heavy losses during a relocation and lost our Engineer and both Demomen. Replacements have just come in, and it’s the usual paperwork getting them ready. The new Engineer is very pleasant, and  mentioned an interest in prosthetics. He’s suggested a new lighter material for a prototype, as well as more flexible joints. He’s also a Bavarian, so I can’t understand a word the man says, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

You’re always welcome back at the base, though I imagine the Administrator has you on a separate payroll now. Take care.


The Medic read the letter quickly, but with interest.  Once he finished, he smiled, and drew up some spare paper to write a reply.  He was so ecstatic to hear from his mentor that he didn’t realize until he was done writing that he had slipped and written his entire reply in German.  No harm done, he supposed, Naumann knew how to read.

He slipped the letter into the post box, returning to work eagerly awaiting a reply.

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